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3680 Manchester Rd, Akron, OH 44319

About Us

Movement Church is a community of believers who aspire to help people experience, know, and follow Jesus well.
pastor jeff preaching

In our worship services we take a modern approach to sharing a timeless message. We sing songs in a style that feels familiar to modern ears. We dress casually so that no one feels out of place. Our sermons are crafted and delivered with both first-time guests and experienced Christians in mind. And we do all of these things while striving to stay faithful to all of the teachings of Scripture.

We are a church that values the whole family, so we have ministries that are specially designed for kids (KidZone) and teenagers (The Exchange) as well as adults. We love to see families growing in the faith together, and strive to create opportunities for everyone to take steps forward in the faith, regardless of age.

We also value togetherness, and believe being a part of a church is so much more than just listening to a sermon once a week. We want to have relationships with each other, so we frequently offer events and groups where people can connect with and learn from one another.

Our vision is to be a community leader in doing good, making disciples, and developing leaders. We know this is something we can’t accomplish own our own, so we’re trusting God and leaning on each other to see it become a reality.

There’s a lot that could be said, but the best way to learn about us (or any other church for that matter) is to come and experience it for yourself! 

Join us for a service, check out an event, meet some of our people, and ask lots of good questions. We would love to meet you!

Want to learn more about what we believe? Read more here.

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