Food For The Soul: Joy

Great joy entered the earth at the birth of Jesus, Luke 2:10. He exemplified joy.

Joy is a gift given. Joy is a fruit and it's our duty to attain it.

Joy remains with us through the storms of life because Jesus is joy and our strength. Joy will not spoil or fade and no one can take it away, 1Peter 1:4. Jesus promised abundant joy for those who would ask for it and seek it, John 16:24.

If we remain in Him, joy should come naturally. As we remain in Jesus, we are filled with His strength that produces fruit (inexpressible joy) from Him, John 15:1-10.

A joyful heart is a grateful heart.
Are you seeking the joy of Jesus?


Nehemiah 8:10
…Do not grieve (sad or sorrowful), for the joy of The Lord is your strength.

Have one inexpressible kind of day! Grace & Peace

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