Food For The Soul: Discipline

Have you ever thought you better shape up, stop whining and complaining about something, or a spanking was headed your way? Yeah, me too.

There are times we want something, but God has other plans. So we whine, beg and complain to Him. We act like spoiled brats until our Heavenly Father says, “enough.” We know in that moment a spanking is headed our way if we don't change our attitude real quick.

Truth is, sometimes He says no. In those moments of whining, we are being selfish, ungrateful and disobedient children. When we should be joyfully resting and trusting His will no matter the outcome. We need to accept it, be grateful and keep going with joyful praise on our lips.

I don't know about you, but I don't like spankings from God. I've had enough of them to know they are painful lessons.

We truly don't have one thing to whine or complain about. God, our Heavenly Father is so graciously good to us. He generously gives us every good thing without holding back. He remains steadfast in His love and mercy, even when we are acting like spoiled brats.

I am grateful for His discipline.
How do you feel about God's discipline?

Love and peace to all,

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